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waterproofing: Waterseal is specialized in Terrace Waterproofing method . It is high in standards that meet international quality level.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Why do you Need Waterproofing on your Roof-Terrace

Why do you Need Waterproofing on your Roof-Terrace

ધાબા ઉપર ક્યારે વોટરપૃફિંગ કરાવવું પડે છે ?

Wall Fancus
ચોમાસા દરમિયાન  વરસાદી પાણી ધાબા પરથી લીક થઈને સીલીંગ અને દીવાલો માં  ભેજ સ્વરૂપે દેખાઈ અથવા પાણી ટપકે ત્યારે  ધાબા ને વોટરપૃફિંગ ની જરૂરિયાત છે તેમ કહી શકાય  .
ચોમાસા દરમ્યાન ધાબા માં થી લીકેજ થતું પાણી ઘરને ઘણું નુકશાન કરે છે જેવું  કે,
1  વાયરીંગ અને સ્વીચ બોર્ડ માં શોર્ટ સર્કીટ,પંખા,લાઈટ ,ટીવી ,ફ્રીજ ,જેવા ઉપકરણો  બગડી જવા કે તેમાંથી ભારે કરંટ  લાગવો .
2  દર ચોમાસા માં થોડો થોડો ભેજ લાગવાથી સીલીન્ગનું  પ્લાસ્ટર નબળું પડી જતાં  કોઈક વખત અચાનક જ પ્લાસ્ટર નો મોટો ટુકડો તૂટી પડતા નાનો-મોટો અકસ્માત. થઈ શકે છે
3  દિવાલોમાં ઉતરતા ભેજને લીધે કલરકામ અને  પ્લાસ્ટર ને તો નુકશાન થાય છે જ, પરંતુ, તેના  કરતા પણ ગંભીર બાબત એ  છે કે ,દિવાલો માં ઉતરેલું  પાણી સુકાતા ઘણો લાંબો સમય લાગે છે તેને કારણે પ્લાસ્ટર તથા કલરકામ ની પોપડીઓ પાછળ  સુક્ષ્મ જીવાત અને બેક્ટેરિયા ઉત્પન થવાથી તમારા પરિવાર નું સ્વાસ્થ્ય જોખમાય છે
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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Basement Flooding and wall Waterproofing

Basement Flooding and wall Waterproofing

When you need water removal services and repair for basement water damage, always trust a Basement Flooding Contractor Or Waterproofing specialist. They have the tools and skills necessary to excavate all traces of water and return your basement back to a safe, dry environment.

Causes of basement flooding

basement flooding
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Basement Flooding. It's important to waterproof your basement before a flood to prevent permanent water or mold damage.

Plumbing leaks

This could be a burst or leaking pipe, a leaking waste line, a broken supply hose for your washing machine, or a leaking water tank or water heater.

Leaky basement windows

If your window wells fill with water (from a flooded yard or clogged gutters), don’t be surprised if water leaks into the basement through and around the windows.

Leaky basement foundation

This is by far the most common cause of basement flooding. Fortunately, it’s a problem that Basement Systems can solve by installing a warrantied, industry-leading waterproofing system.

Don't wait for a flood to protect your basement

Even a single basement flooding experience is one too many. To avoid such a disaster, call us :+9825585997 for Basement Flooding waterproofing today to request an on-site inspection and get a free estimate for the basement waterproofing services you need.

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Wall Waterproofing contractor

Wall Waterproofing

How to know that your basement needs waterproofing treatment

You might notice a small amount of water on the wall .You could realize that each time you go down to the basement, there is an unmistakable musty smell. This happens nowhere else in the house, only in the basement. That smell is from mold, which is a result of moisture showing up somewhere.
A clue that is often overlooked is when you see a white substance, sort of like fine crystals or even powder, on the concrete walls of your basement. This is called efflorescence. When water seeps through the wall, it dissolves salts that are inside the concrete. When the water gets to the inside of the wall, it evaporates but the salt is left on the surface where you can see it.When these things suddenly happen, the first thought is, “I need to find out about basement waterproofing & wall waterproofing”

We offer our Wall waterproofing services in all over Gujarat

Foundation Wall Waterproofing Sunken Area is another specialty at Waterseal.True basement waterproofing requires fixing the problem at the source, not just at the place where the leak becomes visible. We have been doing basement waterproofing (both commercial and residential) for over 20 years.
We do inspection and evaluate the problem, find out what could be the best option for your Sunken Basement, and then begin our Water Resistant Basement Service for perfect results , According to needs and requirements of the customers at reliable prices, this includes not just waterproofing the inside, but also relieving the water pressure from the outside).

Our  Wall Waterproofing Method

1)        Cleaning  interior and exterior walls with brush or any other suitable means and washing with water, making the wall surface dust free .
2)        Filling all cracks with specially prepared Silicone based crack fillers.
3)        Applying one coat of Acrylic based modified contentious (white) coating above clean surfaces which seals all visible and invisible cracks.
4)        Applying Second coat of Flexible Emulsion Polymer with basic fillers “ waterseal501” for better bonding of the surface.
5)        Applying Last and Finale  Top Coat “waterseal505” which is a Silicone heat reflecting which protect all the base of  coatings
Guarantee : This wall  waterproofing method  system is guaranteed for 3 years.
During the guarantee period in case of any complaint same will be rectified free of cost.

1)   All rates are including materials, labour charge which ever the tax applicable.
2)   This is an approx. estimate with small variation. Actual quantity will be measured after completion of the work. Joint measurement will be final.
3)   Water & Electricity and space for storing the material shall be provided by company free of cost.
4)   Retention money kept as Cash or Bank Performance in your favor.
5)   Labour will be suitable insured by us.
6)   Any extra work will be charged as per market rate.
Work will be completed within 1 to 3 days after issuing confirmed order.
In case of any queries and clarification please  Call us :  9825585997   Assuring you best of service always.

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